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November 27, 2019

5 Reasons You May Be Gaining Weight While Working Out


The first reason why you may be gaining weight when you are working out on your gym fitness program could be because your body is retaining water. When you start the process of working out, you would be going through a number of stages of change and it is rather natural. When you do new workouts, it can lead to small tears or inflammation in your muscle fiber. This is mainly applicable when you are building your muscle mass. Your body normally responds to such changes by retaining water.

Glycogen conversion

This is also one possible reason why you gain weight even after you are working out. Your body normally supplies your muscles energy. It does so by changing glycogen, another name for sugar, to glucose. When you start the process of working out your body stores more of this sugar in order to use it later on as fuel. However, the glycogen has to bond with water so that it is able to provide energy to your muscles.

High calorie diets

This is an obvious reason when you come to think of it. If you want to reduce your weight you should be eating fewer calories than you are burning. It could get rather difficult to always monitor what is going into your body. However, at least once a week you should be checking your meals for calorie count. This would give you a proper idea of how much you are eating and drinking.


The process of losing weight is not a straight cut one. This is something that you need to keep in mind at the time of gym fitness workout. This means that you may not always see quick results no matter how hard you are trying. If you did not gain a lot of weight quickly there should be no reason why you should expect to lose it quickly as well. Our bodies are incredible in the way that they work. However, if you are doing something new it needs to be given time to adjust and produce the desired results.

Gaining muscle

Your muscle would always weigh more than what your fat does. If you are gaining muscle as a result of your workout you would be gaining some weight as well. Your clothes would feel loser but the weighing machine would tell you otherwise. You should not feel disheartened by this. Rather this should encourage you. After all, this shows that you are on the right path. Your program is a well-rounded one.