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June 19, 2019

Diet Plans: A Few Reasons why they Fail


As inspiring it is a feeling to come across weight loss stories steered by diet, it is equally depressing to learn about people who did not have any success with their changed diet plan. It is not “easy” to learn that good diet plans have failed in certain cases. You start doubting your own resolve to lose weight or start a diet plan – thinking that since a particular diet didn’t work for your friend, it will not work for you!
We would ask you to never lose hope because diet plans don’t fail arbitrarily. Regardless of whether you’re looking up the best diets for women or men, they have failed to yield results because there have been a few gaffes on the people that resorted to these diet plans. Avoid these gaffes and you will never know what the failure of a good diet plan is all about!

There is no food completely Good or Bad!

We are used to seeing our food as completely “good” or completely “bad”. Now, this is known as the black and white mentality. Please know for a fact that there is actually nothing called totally good food and totally bad food. When you’re on a diet it is absolutely unrealistic to think that you will never have pizza, brownies or cookies ever in your life! You are consistently dismissing your cravings and when you can’t control that one time, you end up over-indulging. That’s definitely not the way to go! Instead, it would be more advisable to satisfy your cravings in moderation.
Having a black and white mentality can actually make it very difficult for you to get on track as far as your fitness goals are concerned. Please remember that the best diets that work actually deliver results they accommodate moderate indulgence in cravings.

You don’t have the willpower

The lack of willpower remains one of the major reasons why our diet plans fail. In the age of instant gratification, we want others to validate our efforts as quickly as we have started our diet. If our efforts aren’t validated likewise, we end up going off our diet. Let us tell you that sticking to your diet remains a test of your character. It takes a lot at times to even bring about fundamental changes to your life. Sometimes the results might as well take longer for you to see. However, that doesn’t mean you will leave your diet altogether.

You have unrealistic expectation from your diet plan

Do remember that good diet is supposed to help you lose weight over a period of time and not:

  • Make you toned overnight (even if you’re backing it up with exercises)
  • Make you slim overnight
  • Earn you praises the day you start dieting