Cardio section

The wide range of world class Precor, Start track, make Treadmills, Cross trainers, Cycles and rowing machines ensure that there is no waiting for a machine even at peak times.

Free weights section

A spacious, well stocked section of free weights for all your functional training needs.


For the CrossFit enthusiasts, we have Rope climbing, Battle Ropes, Parallel bars, Sandbags, Roman rings, Plyometric box, Tire flipping and Sled push – pull training to name a few.

Physio section

All client assessments are conducted by qualified physiotherapists to ensure that the program design suggested is safe and effective. Rehabilitation programs also available if necessary.

Strength section

World class Precor, Hammer strength makes strength equipment to work every muscle group in a safe and effective way.

Abs section

A dedicated spacious section where clients can take their time and concentrate on doing their abdominal exercises without worrying about lying down on a crowded gym floor.