Health is not valued till sickness comes - Vriddhiwellness
November 27, 2019

Health is not valued till sickness comes


We are all busy in today’s life. If it’s not for work, then it’s the thousand miscellaneous chores, which consume the better of us on a consistent basis. With our lifestyles increasingly becoming work-centric, we have become so accustomed to thinking about the rat-race all the time that we barely pay any attention to our health. And it does go without saying, our health is (and should be) the most important part of our lives, without which most things will otherwise have little to no value.

Living healthy shouldn’t mean such hard work that it seems barely possible. On the contrary, a healthy lifestyle should be under one’s control, and most of all, it should be enjoyable. It shouldn’t be treated as a punishment, because it is not. On top of it, achieving a healthy lifestyle isn’t really as difficult as it is made to appear.