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October 8, 2019

Maximizing your time in power workout


If you are looking to make the most of your power workout exercises the first step that you need to take is move from your lower body to your upper body within a short span of time. If you can alternate between upper and lower body exercises without taking much rest in between it would increase the calories you burn at an exceptional rate as well. This is something that celebrity trainers such as Gunnar Peterson who trains the likes of Jennifer Lopez believe as well. Let us say that you move quickly from bicep curls to squats. This can increase your heart rate.

Dropping the weight

If you are doing power based exercise for fitness you should squeeze as much as you can from your body by using the likes of drop sets. This is something that the owner of International Fitness in New York City Mark Jenkins believes as well. In this technique you have to use more of your muscle fibers and that can lead to results within a shorter span of time as well. You can start the set with a weight that would tire your muscles out in 10 reps. In the second set use a slightly slower weight. Then bring it down further in the 3rd set. However, you should do this only once a month as it can cause tremendous soreness in your muscles.


You should also try working 2 muscle groups at the same time. This way, you would be able to save time and burn a lot more calories. These are basically total body exercises that we are talking about over here. The benefit of these exercises is that they target a couple of muscle groups at once. This suggestion comes to you from Alwyn Cosgrove, who owns Results Fitness at Santa Clarita in California. You can always perform triceps presses along with squats or lunges with shoulder raises.