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Xtreme Muay Thai Academy

Xtreme Muay Thai Academy (XMA) is a Sports Company with an objective to promote Muay Thai in India, by teaching the authentic art and hosting fights. XMA strives towards providing the country with the best of the handpicked fighters who can represent India on a global platform, not just from home club but from all over the country.

Since their start in 2010, XMA has come a long way and have achieved various milestones. XMA is one of the well-known Muay Thai fight organizers in India, who have hosted many successful events under their banner. Recognition by World Professional Muay Thai Federation, Thailand and being the sole Country Representative of World Muay Thai Federation, has added another feather to the wing.


XMA believes in authentic way of training MuayThai, similar way as in Thailand, but we also adapt to new age science, changing needs of the students and are deeply associated with physiotherapists to help Xmartians (our students) gain maximum benefits in short span of time.

Our action speaks for our commitment to deliver promising results to our students. XMA has been successful over the years in producing national and international athletes in both male and female division. XMA is proud of having been able to train many elite people under their turf.

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